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Saturday, March 5th, 2005

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    More today
    NY sorts take note: very yummy Korean restaurant named SuRa in east village, on 105 East 9th Street.

    I had a pumpkin congee and then the spicy tofu stew, which came with a kimchi pancake and a side of japche and two different kinds of rice.

    They serve everyone unlimited amounts of a tasty roasted corn tea along with ice water.

    Quite a pleasant dining experience, and reasonable in terms of price.

    Very veggie-friendly.

    (Note to coffeeandink: Thanks for that noodle bar info you raved about a while back; absoltuely nothign veggie, but the friend in Paris who I sent the info to, who had found tonight's Korean place, had a yummy carnivorous meal there.)

    Today I was fairly sedate in terms of book buying. I bought a total of 20 books (12 hardcovers, 3 trade paperbacks, 3 mass markets, and 2 galleys) which came to $28.89, although spread out over 3 places. I did not buy anything at a fourth store, although I was both happy and covetous to find they had FOUR FULL SHELVES of Rex Stout novels. (including many that I had difficulty in obtaining back when Sara and I were in our Nero Wolfe obsession).

    Tomorrow the Housing Works on 17th Street, located just next door (quite literally), is offering all books for ten cents each.

    Mid-day pause
    Had brunch with my father and sister today, at the dish, a diner on 8th Avenue where they have brunch every Saturday, before hitting the thirft stores and flea markets int he neighborhood (Chelsea).

    Before brunch, went to the Gay and Lesbian Center, which was having a one-day book sale to benefit the Pat Parker/Vito Russo library where all books were a dollar each.

    After lunch, I went with Dad and my sister to three of the thrift stores (including next door where all books were ten cents each today). I started off with a much larger stack of books when we were next door, including a copy of CRISPIN by Avi which won the Newberry recently. But a young boy (10? 12?) saw my stack and said: "I read that! It was really good. what else do you have?"

    So I showed him some other books I hadn't bought (an omnibus of the first three SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD? series--his Mom had read book 1 already but not the others--and some various others) and later gave him out of my stack of things I was going to get merely because they were only a dime each a Michael Cadnum and a Terry Pratchetts, the latter of which made him especially happy and that made me feel good (even though I was down to only 5 books).

    In total, so far today I bought 21 books: 10 hardcovers, 7 mass markets and 4 trade paperbacks.

    Will type up titles and authors at some point. But this NY pace is exhausting!

    Now, off to Brooklyn for coffee with some friends, then meeting a different set of friends for drinks and dinner back in Manhattan around 8pm.

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