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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

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Not engaged
Ximo went home this morning, and then called from Valencia to gloat that they were having temps of around 20º C this afternoon. While today was a bit warmer than this weekend, last night it got down to -2ºC. BRRRR!

I'm in a bit of a funk, about all sorts of things. One of them is that I'm not engaged by anything I'm reading. I tried Nevada Barr's TRACK OF THE CAT, the first of her Anna Pigeon novels. I had read a later book in the series, ILL WIND, earlier this year, but as far as I know, I have not read this one. Except as I read, I am struck by a constant feeling of deja vu that I've read this book, onyl I can't imagine when or where. Looking over my books-read lists, which only go back to 1999 admittedly, I haven't read anything by her save the one title I know I read earlier this year. And when I read it, I knew I was reading them out of order, but I liked it well enough to pick up this book when I found it on one of my trips back to the US.

I had started Diane Duane's WIZARDS AT WAR and put it down after a few chapters. (rachelmanija, I see now why you were so willing to part with it.) The book is not badly written or anything, I just don't care enough about what happens.

Last night and today I've tried Patricia McKillip's THE TOWER AT STONY WOOD. Pretty prose, but like many of her books lately it just isn't going anywhere for me.

Over the weekend, I managed to read Nancy Farmer's THE EAR, THE EYE, THE ARM, which was much less impressive than I was expecting given all the hype about it. The Naomi Mitchison YAs set in Botswana look much more interesting.

And actually, there's a new Alexander McCall Smith which would probably perk me up right now. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for right now.

I have TIGANA set aside for if my mood gets more desperate. Sara suggested I try Rosamunde Pilcher's THE SHELL SEEKERS, which I had bought I forget when but haven't tried still.

I did have an enjoyable idyll reading Sharon Shinn's ANGEL-SEEKER, and have actually now turned my mother on to Shinn, since she's run out of Laurell Hamilton and Charlaine Harris and various other vampire books (she quite liked Nancy Collins, too).

I did, however, over the weekend, figure out how to use Photoshop to reduce the size of the images that my digital camera makes (5.1 mega pixels). So I can now try uploading some photos...
My kitchen cabinets

Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
As I may have mentioned before, I have a lot of books. I have many books here in Madrid, and I have even more books back in NYC.

Almost everyone is amazed (and some are apalled) not just by how many books I have but how they spill over everywhere. In particular, people love the fact that many of my kitchen cabinets are filled with books.

Not to mention all the books ON TOP of the cabinets.

I did draw the line at putting books in either the oven or the fridge, despite there being (wire) shelving in both appliances...

Anyway, here's a glimpse of the kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen

Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
And, yes, there are more books inside the cabinets (although only in the small one over the fridge itself, mostly mass-markets that are triple-stacked).
Mary Frances Zambreno
Has a new short story collection out from American Fantasy. More details at this link:

I've been wondering what she's been up to. I quite liked her two YA fantasies for Jane Yolen's Harcourt imprint, about a young wizard with a skunk for a familiar, they were among my favorites to hand-sell when I worked at Books of Wonder in NYC.
More voyeurism

Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
Since the pics of my books in the kitchen seem to have gone over well, I'll continue the book-tour of my NYC apartment. It's a one-room studio, with a hallway, a separate kitchen, and a bathroom with a small dressing area.

This is the view of the corner to the right of the window. The left-most bookcase is all poetry (organized alphabetically by author surname), the other two are a mix of novels (grouped by author but without much other order).

All of those stacked boxes are likewise filled with books and magazines, of course.

The resolution isn't good enough to read titles, really, although I, of course, recognize things like pameladean's TAM LIN (on the second shelf up on the right-hand case, and next to it are JUNIPER, GENTIAN AND ROSEMARY to the left and on the other side THE DUBIOUS HILLS but those are less recognizable at a distance) or 1crowdedhour's A COLLEGE OF MAGICS (one shelf down) or Elizabeth Willey's three books (whatever happened to her?) or etcetera and etc.

The cat looking at an original drawing by Katherine Coville is, of course, a stuffed animal. Although most people, on first entering the apartment, think it's a real kitty when they see it off in the distance... :-)
The tour continues

Desk and left corner
Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
This is the corner to the left of the window.

As you may be able to tell from the stacks above the bookcase, those mass-market paperbacks are all triple-shelved. Mostly SF and Fantasy with a few mysteries or mainstream titles thrown in.

Alphabetical by author, of course, or I could never find anything later...

The desk is this glorious L-shaped monstrosity with filing cabinets built in and an ergonomic keyboard tray and etc. {nostalgic sigh}
The one book-less corner of the studio

Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
Except, of course, for whatever I'm reading before bed.

The last corner, plus a glimpse into the hallway

Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
The 7 shelves on the left side of this image are my brag shelves. The top-most, of which only a smidgen can be seen, contain pseudonymous works by me. The next shelf are all books and anthologies written or edited by me. The next 5 shelves (the bottommost not visible in this image) are all anthologies which contain work by me, arranged alphabetically by title.

In the hallway, the two bookshelf sets are kidzbooks arranged alphabetical by author A-Z and then gay and lesbian fiction, arranged alphabetical within gender, with the top and bottom shelf reserved for things that don't fit neatly into one or the other category... :-)

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