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Breakfast in Bed
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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

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Buzz cut, plus interview

Buzz cut
Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
I asked a friend to take a snapshot of me this afternoon, so I could post what the new buzz cut looks like.

I like the convenience of it, not to mention when people rub my head (preferably people I know, although one is not averse to handsome strangers doing likewise...)

It's a warm spring here (27º Celsius right now) although this morning when I woke, since the balcony is still in shadow then, I left the house with a black cashmere sweater on. Alas, I then wound up spending an hour and a half in the sun, sitting in front of and/or walking around the Reina Sofia Museum, while they taped the interview about MARÍA Y EL MUSEO. It'll be a ten minute spot when they're through with it. I'll post a link once they've posted it, although it won't be until mid-June at the earliest.

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