Lawrence Schimel (desayunoencama) wrote,

Recipe for Love

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Since it's Valentine's Day, here's a poem from my new collection, DELETED NAMES (A Midsummer Night's Press):

by Lawrence Schimel

I can never cook from a book:
all exact and impersonal measurements.
I need someone to show me,
step by step, how it's done.

I'm a lazy cook; I didn't begin
to experiment, to explore, until I was no longer cooking
only for myself.

Let's add a pinch
of this, we'll cook by taste, trying every while
what we're preparing. We'll feed
one another. If something's missing
we'll improvise.

Everything I know about cooking I learned from a friend
who told me: the secret to cooking is to never let
the food smell your fear.

It's also all I know about love.

Let's go into the kitchen
and I'll show you.
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