March 18th, 2004

spring buzz

At last it has stopped snowing!

It was actually a nicely sunny day today in NY.

Not that anything especially sunny happened.

I'm feeling better in terms of sore throat/cold, but last night started getting nasal congestion which continues now. Feh.

Last night I had a date with a boy I met online many months ago and actually under a few different user names. But we'd never met in person, until yesterday. He was erudite and funny and more attractive in person than I expected. (I have this instinctive non-attraction to blonds.) But aside from physcial charisma, he has a really sex voice.

Anyway, because of being considerately sick and not wishing to get anyone else sick, we just had coffee/tea, with only a good night kiss when he had to go back to the office and I had to go home and translate another two trains pieces, which I did.

I then did another trains-lation this morning when I got up and emailed it off, and my editor wrote back right away saying they were closed tomorrow (This year, father's day in Spain is a bank holiday in Madrid because another holiday falls on Sunday and they were short a bank holiday) which took all the wind out of my sails in terms of finishing up next week's trains-lations now.

Although I've now got a bodega's promotional magazine for a different client that's going to be arriving in my email on Monday and needs to be turned around next week, so I've got to just forge ahead with the last handful of trains-lations now. For one thing, since the train partworks are weeklies, and I've only got through number 15 now, which will only take me up until I leave for Italy, I've got to turn these in and get the next batch in time to do at least two of them (8 pieces) before I leave for Torino and Bologna on April 9.

I've just been feeling so apathetic lately, about everything.

I go through these mood cycles much more in NY, I think. I start to hold myself up to a high level of productivity, which I dislike doing because I don't like judging myself based on my productivity output, it's a weird and false cycle that merely leads to disappointment the week or so AFTER I've written or sold or whatever something, because I feel I haven't done anything lately. (Take this week, which has been slow overall, and where today I had no mail--not even a bill--let alone nothing juicy like a set of contracts or a contrib copy or something like this.)

So I've been allowing myself to be lazy about a bunch of things, so as not to get into a stress cycle.

(After all, It's not like I haven't already sold a handful of books and stories already this year...)

But even without being lazy, I in general feel like I'm able to accomplish so much less in NYC than I could when I'm in Madrid. Better use of the day, I guess, and more usable time in the day since working hours are so different, and also because, given the time difference, I can deal with Europeans during the day and then at night it's still working hours back in the States (and the phone rates are cheaper anyway).

I've been trying to set up Sara and my schedule for the Bologna Children's Book Fair next month, which has been somewhat frustrating.

And we even decided not to bother with the French publishers this year!

But many of the publishers we're already working with, but who we've not met in person sometimes, or simply want to meet up with to talk about new projects, are being recalcitrant for some unknown reason. Which is vexing.

And I don't know why, but the publishers who do respond, whether we've worked with them before or not, all seem to want the same slots. We have days with huge chunks of time left, and then afternoons or mornings packed with meetings every half hour.

I've been amused that the two boys in Bologna who I've been chatting with over on gaydar both turn out to work at different Italian comics publishers. I'm not surprised in one case, because I knew he was a graphic designer/illustrator, but the other is an accountant for his dayjob (he has also published two novels) and it just turns out that it's at a comic publisher.

In the case of the first-mentioned boy, he works at a comics house that has a gay manga line, which is one of the places I'd wanted to show VACATION IN IBIZA to anyway... the only problem is: he only speaks Italian, and I dont' always understand him, since I don't speak Italian (I can parse it sometimes, thanks to Spanish and my high school Latin classes)

It's funny what a small world it is sometimes and the fact that you might meet people in unsuspected places.