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Breakfast in Bed
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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

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Last night, I went to see Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE. I haven't seen NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, so don't know how it compares, but I'm afraid to say I wasn't especially impressed.

I found both the animation and the English-language dialogue difficult to understand at times. There's only one really worthwhile sequence (when Victor first shows up in the underworld) and everythng else was all quite obvious, and not anything special effects-wise.

Ah well.

I read Octavia Butler's WILD SEED. Set in the same world as MIND OF MY MIND. What a shock; it has a positive, happy ending! Who knew she could be so upbeat? (Well, for her.)

Am now reading Henning Mankell's ONE STEP BEHIND, one of his Kurt Wallander series.

And, o frabjous day!!!, got a care package from the US today which includes, among other things, the latest Janet Evanovich! I shall try and be good and a) finish reading the Mankell and b) finish some work I need to get done, before allowing myself to start it.

Tuesday, which was a Holiday here in Spain, I went with my friend Jesus up to Cercedilla, asmall town an hour and a half by train into the mountains surrounding Madrid. Quite a different way of life there! Very ex-urban, and not just because the friend of Jesus is restoring this 100+ year old casa rural by himself...

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