March 14th, 2006

spring buzz

Groggy but home

Back in Madrid again, at last (two weeks in NY is a long time for me!).

Not too much by way of travel traumas, except for the fact that the AirTrain that runs from the NJ Transit station to the terminal got stuck (with us in it) and instead of being there two hours easly (when the train got us there) we wound up getting to the check in with less than an hour to spare. Sigh. But these things happen, in travel, so we were pretty calm (or do I mean sleep-deprived/exhausted?) about it all.

I never manage to sleep on the red-eyes, so now the plan is to stay up until lunch, then have a long siesta, waking up in time to shower and then go to the SCBWI Spain Monthly Social. I've stepped down as the Regional Advisor, after 5 years, and this will be my first SCBWI event as a non-RA. Will bea bit strange, shifting gears, and letting go, but I think it's a good thing, all around (good for me, for various reasons, and good for the chapter, since the woman who has taken over from me has lot sof energy and enthusiasm and new ideas, and as an artist she'll come up with different directions that wouldn't have occurred to me).

Just before leaving, I got my contributor copies of two issues of a Polish SF magazine that ran some stories, and also my Circlet Press royalties. It's nice that THE DRAG QUEEN OF ELFLAND still manages to sell a handful of copies each year, even after all this time. (I forget if I mentioned that I found out, while in NYC, that my second St. Martin's Press title, BOY MEETS BOY, is now out of print.)

Still no phone line at home.



But my new little g4 ibook is super-fast (at least compared to my old system) and I can log in vai the wifi at Berkana.