January 10th, 2007

spring buzz

Translated x2

Today I got my contributor's copy of the magazine UNIVERSE PATHWAYS which contains a Greek translation of my poem "How to Make a Human."

I also spoke to my editor at Laertes this afternoon . Laertes published my first collection in Spanish before I moved to Spain. They were the first publisher ever to tour me (after hving published over 20 books back in the US) and they were very loyal. Because they were the traditional type of house for whom I was now considered a house author, there wasn't any question in their minds that they would publish my next book, which was HIS TONGUE, and which appeared in Spanish back in 1999 as BIEN DOTADO (Well Endowed), finally appearing in English in 2001. They also published my third collection, TWO BOYS IN LOVE, but with a slight delay since I'd allowed a Catalan edition to come out in the year between the Spanish-language publication of HIS TONGUE and of TWO BOYS IN LOVE (with an extra story, though, for the Spanish edition). Laertes is not really publishing much fiction these days, though, and so they've not been reprinting the backlist much either and their licenses for my work have been expiring. I am very fond of them for believing in me and being so loyal to me, a type of publishing that is going the way of the dinos, I'm afraid.

HIS TONGUE has been unavailable for a while, but the gay bookshops still get requests for it, so Editorial EGALES will be reprinting the book this spring.

Rather than have to make a new translation, I called my former publisher to ask them to sell the new publisher their translation, which they've agreed to do at half what it would cost to do the translation now.

While Laertes no longer has the rights to publish my book in Spanish (their license has run out) they still control the rights to their translation.

(Newer laws allow translators to also recover the rights to their translations if books are OP or not published within a period of two years from delivery, etc.)

While it might be interesting, on some level to have dueling translations, as it were, this works out well for both publishers: the one gets an extra infusion of cash for an out of print title, the other gets a bargain on a translation so they'll start earning money on their edition that much quicker.

And I love the fact the this book is going to get a second life in Spanish.

This will be the 6th edition of this book, which has also been published in Germany, Brazil, Greece, and the US, and now twice in Spain.