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Breakfast in Bed
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

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my former balcony

my balcony
Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
I'm sure I'll get no sympathy for this but... This was the view from the balcony of the room I was originally in. Due to inclement weather and some other travel mishaps, we arrived in Fiesa sometime after 1 in the morning. Reception had closed at 10pm, so the night guard simply handed out keys to us and I wound up in this lovely room overlooking the sea... Which, alas, I had to relinquish the next morning, since it was a triple and I was supposed to be in a single...

But as you can imagine, it's not exactly a hardship, this translation workshop overlooking the Adriatic...
my new window

my window
Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
This is the view from the room I'm currently in. No balcony any longer, alas, but being invited in for a week on the coast to talk with other poet-translators about poetry... well, not having a balcony is not exactly something to complain about.

Tomorrow we read from our translations (and originals) in Izola, and on Friday we give a public reading in Ljubljana.

I also have an event for the Slovene edition of AMIGOS & VECINOS on Saturday afternoon.

Today I did a quick interview for a magazine piece that ties in to the kidzbook, which will be published next weekend after I've already left (though I've asked for them to send me a copy).
Piran wall

Piran wall
Originally uploaded by desayunoencama.
This is a shot of Piran, and the wall above the town (which looks like a castle but isn't). Piran is a kilometer away from Fiesa, where we are, and is the nearest town, a lovely former Venetian area where we've wandered over almost every day for dinner and/or shopping. (Today a huge thunderstorm blew in, which also wreaked havoc on my getting the wifi signals from within the hotel for some reason, but anyway, we stayed in this evening, and I even wrote 500 words on a new kidzbook...)

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