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Breakfast in Bed
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Friday, October 31st, 2008

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Travel entertainment
Usually, my biggest dilemma in preparing for a trip is deciding what to read on the flight. I try to choose books that I want to read but that I don't necessarily have to schlepp back with me (either to keep or to lend to someone here who also is a fan of the series/author/genre/etc.)

This time I plan to be diligent and to purposefully NOT bring a book, so I can work on a very delayed project during the uninterrupted block of time the flight enforces. I have an extra battery for my laptop, which should give me a good 6 hours of working time.

While I'd rather escape into the pages of someone else's words, it will be a relief to finally get this taken care, so it's definitely the right decision.

I normally bring not just the books to read on the flight but a backup, since there are often flight delays and other unforeseen occurrences that come up these days while in transit.

But I will not bring ANY books to avoid temptation. (I will likely bring a leftover sudoku magazine I bought during the summer when my flight home from Ljubljana got in late to Frankfurt and I missed my connection to Madrid.)
Nasty day out. Sleeting rain. NYC will at least be 10 degrees warmer (celsius degrees).

But productive so far.

Went to the printer to pick up the invoice for the next A Midsummer Night's Press book, our first translated title, Brane Mozetic's BANALITIES, which I'll be bringing some advance copies with me to the US.

While there, I also got to see that the interiors for my own poetry book DESAYUO EN LA CAMA is printed and just awaiting the covers before being bound. (I use the same printer for AMSNP as they do.) So by the time I get back to Madrid, that will be out in the world. :-)

The rest of the morning/midday was spent going over the galleys in Spanish of the first chunk of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW GAY EROTICA (the book is so big that the Spanish publisher has split it into 3 volumes). Alas, the translator made numerous outright errors in translating from the English, where he inverted the meaning, and most of his footnotes are completely wrong definitions. Sigh. A few word choice/tone issues, as well, since this is an erotic title and it sounds a little stilted in places. But I gave it a quick pass through, and they have promised to have someone else check it over for tone before going to print.

But that's another relief to get that off my plate again.

So, little by little, digging my way free to getting through the things I need to do before departure. (This is typical of me, though, to have a burst of frantic energy, usually at the last minute or up against a deadline--OK, to be honest, usually AFTER the deadline has passed--and then everything comes together. Luckily, most of my publishers trust me by now! And it does always come together in the end.)

I have a massage scheduled from 6-7pm, since I've decided that remaining stress-free is an important part of the journey. :-)

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