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Here's a pic of me Isma took this weekend, after I finally cut my hair.

It was really rather shaggy, but I am caught in the dilemma of my boyfriend liking me with longer hair and my liking the ease of keeping it buzzed short. Sine he looks a tmy head much more than me, it's a small sacrifice to not cut it for as long as I could hold out, but it got to a point where I just couldn't deal with it any more. But I did buzz it on the longest setting of my trimmers instead of one 1 or 2, as is my wont. (And I also didn't shave yet, so as not to traumatize him with too much hair removal all at once.)

I cut his hair for him yesterday, but we don't have pics of that yet since his camera was out of memory.

We're off to Pontevedra tomorrow to visit my friend Xose during the Easter/Passover holidays, when Spain shuts down for all the elaborate processions and so on to take place... But hopefully we'll manage to have Xose take some photos of the two of us together, since we both have photos of each other but not really any of the two of us together.
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