Lawrence Schimel (desayunoencama) wrote,
Lawrence Schimel

2009: Year in Review

I didn't publish much this year (compared to previous years, or to next year: see below) but it wasn't a bad writing year, overall, despite a few setbacks (I had one 24 hour period over the summer during which four books were cancelled, two in the US and two in Spain; the French edition of FAIRY TALES FOR WRITERS was also cancelled since the publisher shut down before it was published).

In 2009 I published:

*two adult anthologies, both co-edited with Richard Labonté and published by Arsenal Pulp Press: SECOND PERSON QUEER and I LIKE IT LIKE THAT: TRUE TALES OF GAY DESIRE.

*1 new picture book in Spanish: ¡ES MÍO! illustrated by Francesc Rovira and published by Bruño.

*There was also a Slovene edition of my picture book ¿LEES UN LIBRO CONMIGO?.

So that's three new books published, or four overall.

Additionally, I was Guest of Honor at Gaylaxicon in Minneapolis, and I was also invited to the Mediterranean Poetry Festival in Mallorca and to Ljubljana for a poetry reading.

I gave a lecture on "Homophobia, Xenophobia, and Misogyny in Children's Books" at the University of Coruña.

I published very little of my own short fiction or poetry this year, although I did have my first translations into Ukranian, bringing the number of languages I've been translated into to twenty five.

I also sold quite a number of new books which will be out next year or in 2011, including:

* a novel (although I've only written the first half of it so far) which while I'm writing it in English will be published in Spanish translation in Spain

* a four book series of bilingual (Spanish/English) picture books with recurring characters, all dealing with environmental themes, to Bilingual Readers, the first of which comes out in April 2010, with either one or two more appearing during 2010

* eight non-series children's picture books which are forthcoming in Spain, four in Spring and four in Fall

Given a few other projects that have been in the works for a while, and assuming that only two of the ecological series for Bilingual Readers are published in 2010, it looks like I'll be publishing at least 12 books in Spain next year and 2 in the US (so far).

A "greedy" year!

In 2009 I devoted myself more-fully to translating from Spanish into English.

I did a lot of non-fiction translation for many clients this year, including: the Centre Pompidou, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the Spanish Cultural Heritage Center, The National Drama Center (Spain), etc.

I translated a short fantasy novel for a Spanish company (although I still don't have a copy of the published English translation, must write to the editor again and ask for one--they did pay quite promptly, less than thirty days from the invoice date).

I have two book projects lined up to translate next year, one fiction and one non-fiction, but I don't think either is yet at a stage where I am allowed to talk publicly about them, so stay tuned for news later.

And I published a few translations of short stories or poems, such as "Bluebeard Possibilities" by Sofía Rhei in THE RAVEN CHRONICLES or a poem by Alejandro Céspedes in the debut issue of MARY magazine.

As a publisher, A Midsummer Night's Press only published one title this year: FORTUNE'S LOVER: A BOOK OF TAROT POEMS by Rachel Pollack. We also had to reprint two of our titles: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN OUR OTHER LIFE by Achy Obejas and FAIRY TALES FOR WRITERS by me. The press had a number of setbacks in 2009, but is hopefully recovered from the majority of them. 2010 will see the publication of a number of new titles, beginning with MUTE by Raymond Luczak and HANDMADE LOVE by Julie R. Enszer, both in the Body Language imprint. And some very exciting news for the Fabula Rasa line which I'll announce in due time.
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