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The Drag Queen of Elfland
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Circlet Press is releasing ebook versions of my 1st story collection, THE DRAG QUEEN OF ELFLAND, later this month. Anyone want to review/blog about it?

It's a collection of lesbian and gay fantasy short stories, published in 1997. Seems like ancient history! Fifteen years ago!

It was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, the Firecracker Award, the Spectrum Award, and the Small Press Book Award. (Whew!)

It was also published in Spanish as MI NOVIO ES UN DUENDE.

Anyway, if you're interested, email me at desayunoencama (at) with your preference for ebook format (.pdf, .mobi, .epub) and I'll be happy to send a copy off to you.

And thanks in advance for helping spread the word!

(Even if you don't like it, or all of the stories in it, or etc. It's been so long, I'm not sure I would either. Although I hope it is an entertaining read, still!)
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