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2015 Recap

This was a very busy year for me, although a lot of the projects I finished writing or translating have been pushed back to 2016 or 2017. Publishing can be like that--sometimes things happen in the blink of an eye and at others there is a lengthy gestation period. The good news is: lots of books and projects in the pipeline... Including my return to adult prose (since 2000!), with a new collection of 100 erotic micro-fiction written in Spanish, UNA BARBA PARA DOS, forthcoming early in 2016 from Editorial Dos Bigotes.

What I published in 2015:

My own writing:


The books I published this year were all children's books:

WIJ HOREN BIJ ELKAAR ("We Belong Together)", illustrated by Ann de Bode and translated by Edward van de Vendel, was published in Belgium by De Eenhoorn. A Spanish edition, SOMOS IGUALES, was published in Colombia by Panamericana.

QUER LER UM LIVRO COMIGO? ("Will You Read a Book with Me?"), illustrated by Thiago Lopes, was published by Callis Editora in Brazil. A Korean edition is forthcoming.

DANCING COWBOY/EL COWBOY BAILARÍN, illustrated by Arturo Rojo, was published by Cuentos del Picogordo in Spain, in a special edition where each copy is hand-colored by adolescents with various degrees of intellectual disabilities as an activity fostering their labor insertion and social integration.

(Another children's book, THE PENNY DRAGON, has been printed and is currently being colored as part of this project, but won't be available until 2016.)

Shorter Pieces:

My poem "Cleaning the Teapot" was published in the anthology SLOW THINGS edited by Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright, The Emma Press.

My poem "AIDS Limerick II: Lights Out" was reprinted in the anthology MEASURE FOR MEASURE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF POETIC METERS, edited by Annie Finch and Alexandra Oliver, published by Everyman's Library.

My poem "Call Boy" was reprinted as part of Indolent Books' HIV Here & Now project:

My short story "Handle with Bear" was reprinted in SPEAK MY LANGUAGE edited by Torsten Hojer for Little Brown (UK).

Three of my poems appeared online in Italian translation by Sandro Pecchiari in Carteggi Letterari:

Work I Translated:


Poetry collections:

THE DRUNKENNESS OF GOD by Luis Armenta Malpica, was published by Libros Medio Siglo.
(This book received a grant from Conaculta's PROTRAD Program supporting the translation of work by Mexican writers.)
An excerpt appeared at LITERAL Magazine:

EYES ALREADY RUINED by Luis Aguilar, was published by Libros Medio Siglo.
(This book received a grant from Conaculta's PROTRAD Program supporting the translation of work by Mexican writers.)
An excerpt appeared at LITERAL Magazine:
Another excerpt appeared at MEXICO CITY LIT:

TITANIC by Mario Heredia, was published in a bilingual edition by Mantis.

MONTERREY: A SAMPLER OF POETRY, an anthology of poets from the North of Mexico, was published by the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

I also translated half a dozen other books of poetry which are at various stages of being published.

Poetry for kids:
THIRTEEN/TRECE by Luna Baldallo, illustrated by Ana Baldallo, was published in a bilingual edition by Ediciones en Huida in Spain.

My translation of MISTER H written by Daniel Nesquens and illustrated by Luciano Lozano was published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.

My translation of MEET THE ARTIST: VAN GOGH by Patricia Geis was published by Princeton Architectural Press.

My translation of novella MEMORY by Argentine author Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría was published by Upper Rubber Boot

Shorter pieces I translated:

My translation of two poems for children by Mexican poet Gabriela Cantú Westendarp were published in MODERN POETRY IN TRANSLATION. And one of them, "the Language of Ghosts," will even be reprinted in CENTRES OF CATACLYSM edited by Sasha Dugdale and Helen & Davide Constantine, the anthology celebrating 50 years of MPT forthcoming from Bloodaxe in March 2016.

I did a queer remix translation of a poem by Luis Felipe Fabre for Mexico City Lit:

My translations of poems by Mexican poet Alí Calderon appeared in RIO GRANDE REVIEW.

My translation of four poems by Basque poet Angel Erro appeared in PLEIADES.

I translated two poems by Venezuelan poet Ana Nuño for Palabras Errantes' "Writing Lesbian Desire" issue: and

My translations of two poems by Spanish poet Jordi Doce appeared in SHEARSMAN.

Four poems by Galician poet Yolanda Castaño were published in TALISMAN, two in my translation, two translated by Jonathan Dunne.

I translated three poems by Cuban poet Carlos Pintado and three poems by Mexican poet Aleqs Garrigoz for RASPA magazine.

I am pleased to still be contributing regularly to the excellent online journal Words Without Borders. I translated an excerpt from graphic novel GABO: A MAGICAL LIFE by Oscar Pantoja and Tatiana Córdoba and Felipe Camargo (published by Rey + Naranjo in Colombia) for them in February and an essay by Santiago Roncagliolo in September.

I translated the intro by Guillermo Osorno for photographer Kike Arnal's BORDERED LIVES: TRANSGENDER PORTRAITS FROM MEXICO, published by The New Press.

I translated a short story by Daniel Krauze, "The Nest" for LITRO's April print issue on Mexican writing. LITRO also published my translation of "Snippet" from Alberto Chimal's book GREY, online as part of their Flash Friday series.

My translation of "Death Certificate" by Luis Aguilar was reprinted in THE &NOW AWARDS 3: HE BEST INNOVATIVE WRITING, edited by Megan Milks.

I also translated LOTS of things that are forthcoming next year: two short stories for an anthology of contemporary El Salvadoran fiction forthcoming from Kalina Press, 4 poems by Galician poet Yolanda Castaño forthcoming in PLEIADES, a sci-fi novelette by Domingo Santos forthcoming in the anthology CASTLES IN SPAIN, etc.

A Midsummer Night's Press

The poetry press I run published four new books this year:
OUR LADY OF THE CROSSWORD by Rigoberto González in our Body Language imprint.
WHAT CAN I ASK: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by elana dykewomon in the Sapphic Classics imprint that we co-publish with SINISTER WISDOM.
LILITH'S DREAMS by Julie R. Enszer in our Fabula Rasa imprint.
STRONG by Pat Parker, with an introduction by Cheryl Clarke (a chapbook that is a fundraiser for our forthcoming THE COMPLETE WORKS OF PAT PARKER)

Also, Michael Broder's first collection, THIS LIFE NOW, which we published last year, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.


This year I went to the usual string of bookfairs around the world:
London Book Fair (where I moderated a panel on "A Single Title's Journey into English" with Juan Villoro, Thom Bunstead & Joshua Ellison), Bologna Children's Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, FIL Guadalajara, AWP in Minneapolis, and the Free Verse Poetry Bookfair in London.

I also was invited to the Miami Book Fair for the first time, as part of Reading Queer.

For non-work travel, I visited Iceland for the first time, when Santiago and I celebrated our fifth anniversary together. We hope to go back soon!

me and Santi Iceland
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