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I've hardly used this journal, as anyone who still has it on their feeds will know. Not sure it makes sense to try and summarize what's happened in the interim, so will just jump in as if I've been using it all this time.

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Have already checked-in for tomorrow's flights to Riga! Will be my first time in Latvia. Giving a seminar for children's publishers on Friday, a poetry reading on Monday (with translations into Latvian by Kārlis Vērdiņš and into Russian by Dmitry Kuzmin) at the LGBT Center Mozaika, and then taking part in a visit of English-language poetry publishers to meet Latvian poets, translators, and poetry publishers for the rest of the week. It will be a wonderful time (despite predicted rain this weekend)!

¡Ya tengo las tarjetas de embarque para los vuelos mañana a Riga! Va ser mi primera vez en Letonia. El viernes doy un taller para editoriales infantiles, el lunes doy un recital de mi poesía (con traducciones al letón y al ruso) en el colectivo LGBT, y después participo en una visita de editoriales anglosajones de poesía para conocer a poetas, traductores, y editores letones. ¡Va ser maravilloso (a pesar de la lluvia prevista para éste finde)!
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